System Features

Calendar & Bookings

Barkley HQ's web-based appointment book allows you to manage bookings easily from wherever you are, any time of the day or night!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Barkley HQ’s fully customizable client cards keep all your clients’ preferences and details at your fingertips. Manage customer relationships better with Barkley HQ's smart CRM know who they are, details of their pet, where they are located, and when they last visited you. Equip your business with the CRM tool to build and manage lasting customer relationships.

Sales Management - POS System

Barkley HQ makes it easy to manage sales, refunds, exchanges, vouchers and more!

Online Bookings

Barkley HQ's online booking wizard lets your clients easily book with you through your social media platforms, website and anywhere else you appear on the web.


Maintain regular client communications with targeted marketing campaigns that drive more revenue to your business.

SMS & Email Messages

Message your clients over email & SMS text for appointment reminders, marketing and more!


Stop losing money from no shows. Automated email & SMS text reminders will reduce your no-shows. You can easily customize reminders and set how far in advance the reminders are sent.

Products & Services Management

Track the performance of the products and services you sell. Easily and accurately measure your inventory, time and identify selling trends to help make more informed business decisions.

Staff Management

Get the most out of your employees with better managed rosters, timesheets and bonuses. Generate reports on employee attendance, performance and productivity.


Barkley HQ helps you keep on top of your business operations and performance with a range of easy to read reports and tools.

Accounting Integration

Barkley HQ seamlessly integrates with many accounting software programs to make managing your business simpler than ever!

Customer Support

Barkley HQ offers email support as part of every subscription. We are always here to help. Our how to videos are a great place to find answers to your questions.